Bali is back after a massive fall

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‘Paradise on Earth’ and the ‘Island of the Gods’ are not enough to describe the beauty of Bali. The land of unexplored treasures, has never failed to attract tourists till recently after a series of volcano eruptions late last year.

Mount Agung. Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Mount Agung’s eruption, which began in September, forced the island’s airport to close for two days last month, and visitor arrivals have dropped by more than 70 per cent. But, the island started to recover with arrivals of foreign tourists.

The tourism sector faced $1 billion in loss in tourist revenue last year. The Indonesian government is now trying to lure tourists back to the holiday island. The government has declared Bali safe for tourism in areas other than the ones set as red zones and has recently reduced the radius of danger zones around the volcano summit from 10 km to 6 km. The government has also allowed locals, who have spent more than three months in shelters, to return to their home located outside the 6 km radius.

Gili Islands. Photo Courtesy: Bali Tourism Board

With the gradual return of foreign tourists, Bali is slowly picking up. But, the island has to go a long way to recover to the levels before the volcano eruption.