Casio’s GPS solar watches for globetrotters

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Casio plans to launch world’s first solar powered GPS navigation smartwatch called the G-Shock Range man (GPR B-1000), which is water, dust and mud resistant. The solar panel recharges the batteries while you are far away from a power socket.

image courtesy : @gshockcentral twitter

The watch comes with Casio’s triple sensor technology that brings compass bearing, atmospheric pressure, altitude data, with a wireless charging facility that would take around 5 hours to charge completely. It is designed to withstand temperatures for about -4 Fahrenheit and a depth low as 200 meters.

Casio states that its standard GPS navigation can be used for about 33 hours after charging it fully and thus just 4 hours of sun shine can produce one hour of GPS usage. Which makes the difference when you are in a remote location.

It can also be paired with your smartphone with assigned applications both on android as well as in iOS for gathering crystal clear information regarding routes and movements that the watch screen lacks.

Unlike other smart watches, Casio’s new segment has a basic black and white display. The watch is about to hit the market by April and would be available for a price tag of 800 dollars.