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‘World Sweet Festival’ in Hyderabad

Photo Courtesy: KaliMirch

Sweet is always a treat which makes your meal complete. It not just makes you feel satisfied but also makes the meal more memorable and makes you fall in love with it. And, who would not love to taste the varieties of sweets available across the world? What if all of those sweet dishes are available in one place? Hyderabad welcomes the ‘Sweet Toothed’ to Parade Grounds in Secunderabad where three-day ‘World Sweet Festival’ begins from January 13.

Around 1,000 varieties of sweets from India and other countries would be on display at the festival. The sweets from around 25 states in India and 15 foreign countries, to be prepared locally by members of various associations, will be displayed at the event. The stalls at the festival will be categorised not according to the state from where they originate but by the kind of sweets being offered. For instance, the ‘payasam’ made in Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Assam will be presented at one counter.

The event is organised by the Telangana government in association with various cultural, language and region-based associations of people, including those from foreign countries living in Hyderabad. The sweets will be made by women from these region-based associations and would be exhibiting as well as selling the sweets at the event. Some sweets would be made at home while there would be live counters for others. A website and a mobile app have also been launched for the event. The event would be held along with Kites festival which the state government organizes every year.