Visual Extravaganza in Tourism Marketing

Marketing is one of the hardest businesses in the world. On  an average companies used to spend thousands of dollars each year in order to market their products. Thanks to the development of new technology such as drones that have limitless visual marketing potentials. From aerial mapping to real estate drones, they have made huge impact in the field of tourism too.

Tourism services, being an intangible product for the customers, visual experiencing towards it adds up a kind of integrity towards it. Some of the major trends in the field are:

image courtesy : YouTube

Drones add style to your visual content

The possibility of using drones in marketing adds up a new variety for the audience visually because of their difference in storytelling giving an aerial representation. Apart from the earlier style of mundane visual portrayal, drones can create a new dazzling visual content up to 4k resolution.

image courtesy:linkedin

Social media to sell products

Social is the new buzz word. From blogging, it has now come to vlogging. Photograph-based social media platforms are a good marketing tool for the travel/tourism fraternity that can be used for better story telling. Since 2014, the number of videos in facebook’s newsfeed increased 3.6 times, and tweets with images rose 18 per cent more. Also getting shout outs from eminent personalities in the field of social media could also get you more leverage in reaching to more targeted audience.

picture courtesy: googleplay

Creative web designing

 In order to create a first impression from the viewers it is very important to create simple, yet contemporary web designs. As per a research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes only 2.6 seconds to grab a user’s attention as far as the web world is considered. Adding 360 degree wide photographs and virtual reality (VR) supporting tools will make it much more appealing.