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Gear up for your next drive, buddies!

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A road trip, that too on a motorbike, is a dream of any traveller who loves their two-wheeler counterparts. Two-wheeler rides are one of the most thrilling things ever experienced by a traveller. But, if you lack proper planning and fail to equip your ride with the necessary accessories, the ride can be a total disaster. Before choosing destinations of your choices, make sure that your riding gear and bike are ready to vroom…

Photo Courtesy: Triumph Motorcycles

Choose the right riding gear

Choose the right riding gear as the destination demands. Make sure that the helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, dust-protective sunglasses and your first-aid kit, are of the best quality. Always remember: don’t compromise on quality.

Service the bike prior to the trip

Proper servicing as well as maintenance should be done prior to the trip. Keep a check on the oil levels, tire pressure, essential mechanical tools, and extra cables for break, clutch and accelerator before you start the trip.

Carry less, but essential stuff

A gadget which supports GPS, rain shields, wind cheaters, extra lights, power bank, tent, water, light food/snacks are some of the important stuff that we don’t want to miss.

Knowing the places

Proper knowledge about the destinations to be covered as well as the nature of the routes and time restrictions, if any, needs to be checked.

Avoid night driving. Organise your rides with a group but, if you prefer to go solo, check online or offline whether the terrain or destination is good for solo rides.