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Underwater Photography Workshop in Kerala

“Most photos are worth a thousand words. Underwater ones are worth at least a million” says Stephen Frink

How true! Our oceans are full of secrets where a parallel universe of life exists hidden beneath the ocean floors. Buried beneath the deep waters lie a whole new world of fascinating and marvellous marine life and other objects. Capturing the life underwater is not an easy job. There are many hurdles to being an underwater photographer. The first is the diving skill. There is no substitute for being a proficient and safe diver. If the blue is something which excites you and if you want to be a fish just to capture a fish, then, this is the right time to get trained. Bond Safari in Kovalam is conducting a workshop for underwater photography enthusiasts.

The first phase of the workshop for photographers and enthusiasts would be held at Hotel Hycinth by Sparsa, Thiruvananthapuram, on January 11. Professionally qualified divers and underwater photographers like Anup J Kattukaran, Dr. Capt Shanthanu, Subin J Kalarikkal, Shibin Sebastian and Aneesha Bendict would be conducting the workshops. For registration, Please visit

Discover the magic of underwater photography and start taking great images underwater with the team of adventurists at Bond Safari, who had conducted the World’s 1st Underwater CEO conference and India’s first Underwater Wedding in Kovalam. It’s hard not to be excited when you take the plunge under the water trying to capture the broad vistas of undersea life. Join the workshop organized by Bond Safari and get ready for some adrenaline punch.