Giant Christmas cake Panettone to welcome Christmas

Italy bakes World’s Biggest Christmas cake panettone this year. Weighing in at 140 kg, the two-metre high marvel was sliced up into 1,200 pieces for tourists and locals at Milan. Milan’s San Gregorio patisserie baked this big panettone, to kick start the Christmas celebrations.

Panettone remains the unshakable tradition of Italy. It is the most favourite Christmas dessert in the country. It takes 36 hours to turn out a panettone, with raisins and candied peel added to the mix of water, sugar, flour, eggs, butter and vanilla. Once baked, the cakes are hung upside down for 10 hours to allow the butter to drop.

The giant version had to be cooked in a special oven and was baked a lot longer and more slowly. In addition the panettone was made a little drier, not to collapse.