New Tourist sites opened in Myanmar

Myanmar is trying new tricks to attract travellers to the country. In a move to increase the number of travellers, Myanmar has launched new tourism sites. Secretariat building, resorts at Bago Yama forests and Zikhone village beach are the newly added destinations.

Yangon Secretariat

Secretariat building of Myanmar is one of the biggest colonial buildings in Southeast Asia. This building is of historically important as it was the first ever parliament of the country. The flagpole where Myanmar flag was raised for the first time on its independence day, and Martyr’s room where general Aung San and other Martyrs were assassinated are part of this building. Guided tours are being offered in it four times a day.

Bago Yama forest is famous for its Elephant populations. by opening a new resort, Myanmar Government is expecting more wild life tourists from all over the world. In addition, Hotel and Tourism ministry is also allowing permits to travel from Inle Lake to Keng Tung through highway no 4. They also offer road trps to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China.