Mysore, the shopping destination

Mysore, one of South India’s famous tourist destinations, is known for its royal heritage.  Mysore palace, Mysore zoo, Rail museum, Jaganmohan Palace are the major tourist spots in the city. Besides the palace and other monuments one can enjoy good shopping sites here. Sweets, Handicrafts and Silks are the main attractions for such shopping lovers.

Best Mysore pak, with amazing flavour and taste is found in Mysore. But anyone at Mysore can tell where the original Mysore pak is found in the city. It is at Guru Sweet Mart on Sayyaji Rao Road. The owners of the store are descendants of the royal cook Kakasura Madappa, who invented the sweet.  Some stores like Mahalaxmi Sweets, Annex Bombay Tiffanys and Indra Sweets, sell their own versions of the Mysore Pak, each of which has unique taste. Variety of desserts from Mysore are also praiseworthy.

Wooden handcrafts, stone sculpture painting- all are available in the city with surprising selections. Handcrafts range from sandalwood and rosewood art pieces like hangings to furniture to metalcrafts like fruit bowl. Sandalwood oil, incense sticks are among the favourites of shopping lovers. Preetham Handcrafts at Dhanvanthri road, Mysore Handcrafts Shop at Sayyaji Road, Cauvery Government Emporium are few shops to name.  One of the most popular Shopping sites in the city is Devaraj Market, where local traders sell traditional items.

Mysore silk sarees, known for its soft texture, fine fabric and perfection, are available in wide variety of colours and pattern. What makes Mysore silk different from others, is its double-twisted yarn, giving it a completely different texture from other varieties of silk available in the market.  The best place to buy a Mysore silk saree in Mysore is in the KSIC( Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation) showroom. Original and authentic Mysore silk sarees have an embroidered number on one edge.