Aymanam Tourism: Another International Award for Kerala Tourism

Aymanam Responsible Tourism Village Project implemented by the Responsible Tourism Mission of the Department of Tourism has won an international award. The Aymanam Tourism Project has been recognized in the Rapid Diversification category in the tourism sector at the Indian Responsible Tourism One to Watch Award in the World Travel Market.

The activities of the Responsible Tourism Mission in Kerala are attracting world attention. The projects were implemented in such a way as to attract international attention to Kumarakom. Minister Mohammad Riyaz said that after this, Aymanam also came to the world’s attention.

There are various homestays in Aymanam as part of the Responsible Tourism Project. Aymanam offers a variety of packages such as village life, bird watching, village walks, paddy walks, and bicycle rides.

There are also cultural experience packages that include traditional festivals and art forms in the area. He hoped that the award would give more impetus to Kerala Tourism’s efforts to overcome the covid crisis and make a comeback.