Sri Lanka Voted among ‘The Best Countries to Travel to’ in Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards

Sri Lanka has consistently ranked among the world’s favorite destinations for travellers seeking unadulterated escapism and the experience of a lifetime. The island offers a unique mix of sensory delights, making it a must-visit for the traveler that yearns to be inspired and awed.

According to the Conde Nast 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, Sri Lanka ranks among ‘The Best Countries to Travel to’, as voted for by Condé Nast Traveler’s readers. The prestigious travel publication Condé Nast Traveler invites readers to submit their vote for the destinations and experiences they wholeheartedly recommend. In the most recent survey, over 800, 000 people responded with their preferences. The results were then published on the Condé Nast Traveler website.

Sri Lanka was once again amongst the most celebrated destinations in the world, reaching an impressive score of 93.96, which is an improvement over last year’s score of 91.79. This significant advancement is a testament to the success of ongoing efforts to market the island as a unique, experiential destination, offering heady adventures and novel encounters. The ongoing integrated communication campaign by Sri Lanka Tourism, a first of its kind, is bringing tremendous returns in terms of raising the country’s overall profile globally.

“The rise in awareness has spurred a renewed interest in Sri Lanka over the last few years. This is no coincidence and is the result of strategic efforts by Sri Lana Tourism to give the island greater visibility both through traditional avenues and by increasing the island’s digital footprint,” said Ms. Kimarli Fernando – Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism. She went on to add, “These strategic efforts, especially a focus on key source markets, have enabled us to tell rich and engaging stories about Sri Lanka and in doing so show the world that we have so much more to offer, beyond our beautiful beaches and a tropical setting. Marketing the island as a niche destination for a more exclusive audience allows for a sustainable model of tourism, one that will ensure a huge influx of visitors once borders reopen, while also giving the industry a strong foundation and a decisive vision to work towards.”

The frequent spotlight on Sri Lanka across international media along with celebrity endorsements has helped position Sri Lanka positively as a destination with a myriad of immersive experiences available to explore. The Island destination offers travelers everything from pristine beaches to untamed wilderness, the highest concentration of waterfalls in the world, misty mountains, and an inexhaustible list of natural wonders. All this is swaddled in a rich and diverse culture, with a riveting history that very much adds to the island’s allure.

Sri Lanka’s impressive performance at the 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, the most prestigious survey of its kind, is an indication of the untapped potential that must be actualized, this is especially crucial as the island’s tourism industry is a key economic driver. The efforts made, even during the pandemic, to keep Sri Lanka in the spotlight and maintain top-of-mind awareness across its target demographic will guarantee faster recovery for the entire tourism industry. The progress made within the industry during the downtime will enable Sri Lanka to reemerge as a truly world-class destination that caters to a more high-yielding visitor, opening new revenue streams and pathways to prosperity.

New Product Development & Promotion is one of the Ten Key Pillars which guide the initiatives led by Sri Lanka Tourism. The pillars also provide a comprehensive framework for implementing the government’s overall vision which includes closer cooperation between vital sectors such as labor, immigration, technology, innovation, and international policy. This new outlook has enabled the island to move away from mass-market tourism and offer a more curated, experience-based model. This transformation will enable Sri Lanka to retain a place in the hearts and minds of the global traveler, positioning it amongst the most preferred destinations for high-value tourists, seeking authentic, memorable, and diverse experiences.