Books offer tips on eco-conscious lifestyle

Two new books offer readers with doable tips and innovative ways to lead a more “eco-conscious life” by cutting out on unnecessary consumption and reduce their waste footprint.

Published by Hachette India, “(IM)Perfectly Zero Waste: A No-Nonsense Guide to Living Sustainably in India” and “The Everyday Eco-Warrior: 110 Easy Tips for a Zero-Waste Life”, is written by authors Srini Swaminathan and Shubhashree.

While “(IM)Perfectly Zero Waste”, a jargon-free guide peppered with DIYs and easily doable tips to reduce waste, informs readers about the growing garbage crisis; “The Everyday Eco-Warrior” focuses on 110 simple ideas that one can implement in their current lifestyle to make a substantial difference in the planet’s well-being.

“It’s great that there’s an increasing audience for books like these, and the initial reviews have been very encouraging. Being sustainable in a world of consumerism is hard as it is, and with the pandemic as well, the last thing we want to do is make people feel guilty,” the authors told the media.

“Hence, our approach has been to fill the books with ideas and gentle suggestions. There is a fair amount of emphasis on climate/environmental anxiety as well, because it is very real, and while we all need to be kind to our planet, we need to be kind to each other and ourselves too,” they added.

From “budget-friendly recipes and easy cleaning substitutes” to many simple yet effective suggestions like “removing at least one personal care product from your bathroom that comes in plastic packaging”, the books, according to the publishers, will not only help the planet but will also prove “pocket-friendly” habits in the long run.

“.. these 110 super easy guidelines from zero-waste practitioners Srini and Shubhashree will simplify and demystify your ‘going green’ journey and most importantly, actually help you make a difference,” they said in a statement.

The books are presently available for sale on offline and online stores.