Five must-buy things from Kerala

World-famous as God’s own country – Kerala – the southern coastal state is a paradise for tourists. Endowed with nature’s bounty, Kerala’s mesmerising backwaters, gorgeous waterfalls, captivating hills, spice gardens and tea/coffee plantations will lure you to the core.

Besides nature, Kerala’s traditions and culture will leave you spellbound. From Mohiniattam to Kathakali, from Kaikottakali to Kalaripayattu the state has plenty to offer, perhaps more than what one can dream of.

If you ever wish to visit this beautiful place, you can make the most of your trip by picking up souvenirs as a token of remembrance. Kerala is also a shopper’s paradise and has been into a variety of stuff that’s popular worldwide.

In this post, we will take a look at 5 things you cannot afford to miss in your shopping list –

  • Spices – Kerala produces the finest quality of pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and vanilla. You cannot afford to miss these!
  • Ayurvedic products – One of the prime hubs of Ayurveda, Kerala has a wide range of Ayurdedic products in store for its visitors. From Hair oil to body oil, beauty to medicinal products, Kerala has almost everything under the sun.
  • Kerala Handloom – Famous for is Set Saris for women and Veshti-Chattai for Men, Kerala handloom has a distinctive appeal and beauty.
  • Handicrafts –You can pick your favourite handicraft from a wide range of handmade products in offer. From wooden elephants to masks, jewellery made of Pancha dhatu (five metals) to cane products, the state has so much art to display.
  • Sun-dried savouries, banana chips and sweets – Kerala is famous for its banana and jackfruit chips. Besides these, there are several other food items that you can pick to keep munching as you make your way back home. Banana halwa, wheat halwa, Unni Appam etc are some of the items you must buy.