Five star hotel inside the plane- 50 lakh for a single trip!

Ever wondered what would be the most expensive trip in the world? For those who have money, money is not a factor in travel, and the sky is the limit. But how much luxury can come in air travel? Etihad Airways is the answer to the question of how to have the most expensive air travel, even if you can imagine the luxury, champagne, and palace-like amenities. This is an Airbus A380 ride called ‘The Residence’ by Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways has introduced one of the most luxurious and expensive flights in the world. The cost of travel from London to Melbourne and back is around Rs 53 lakh. The Airbus A380 is used for travel.

On the flight 5 star hotel facilities are available for passengers. One person will get a three-room suite with an area of ​​123 square feet. It has all the amenities. This is called the penhouse in the sky. The three rooms consist of a bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom.

Each suite on the trip will have the services of a butler and an onboard chef, who will be a Savoy-trained butler. Traveler can enjoy a variety of champagne, wine, and other delicacies along the way.

A luxurious bathroom is arranged inside the plane. The seats are fitted in a flat double bed suite instead of folding down. The living room is equipped with a 32-inch flat-screen LCD TV, dining tables, leather double sofa, pajamas, loungewear, a mini-refrigerator, and headphones that mute the sound.

You will receive a personal letter from the pilot at the start of the journey. Another attraction is the four-course in-flight meal. They definitely know how to make you feel special.

A one-way ticket to Etihad’s A380 Residence can cost from $ 31,000 (Rs. 22,60,256) to $ 68,000 (Rs. 49,58,594).