This Jain temple in Mumbai is now the covid Vaccination Center

With the uncontrollable increase in the number of covid patients in Maharashtra, the government has come up with a new idea. Most government offices have been turned into vaccination centers as part of the covid vaccination drive.

At the same time, the government has converted a temple into a vaccination center. Covid Vaccination Center is a Jain temple in Mumbai.

Covid vaccination facility was started at a Jain temple in Mumbai Andheri East. The temple has refrigerators, doctors’ rooms, and CCTV cameras to store medicines.

The temple was added to the cowin portal under the name of Tarunbharat Jain Temple. Vaccination will be given at the temple by the staff of Seven Hills Hospital.

The idea was spearheaded by the Jain monks of the temple. Earlier, covid had started vaccination centers at temples in Baroda and Ahmedabad. The lockdown has been extended till June 1 in Maharashtra, where covid patients are acute.