If you go to Guatemala, you can return after eating hot pizza baked in volcanic lava

What about baking a pizza in a fiery volcanic lava? No kidding, 34-year-old Guatemalan accountant David Garcia attracts tourists by roasting giant pizza in lava flowing by fire. David’s kitchen is lava from Guatemala’s old volcano. David’s Kitchen will frighten and amaze travelers at the same time.

A special sheet of metal is used to make the pizza. This sheet can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees. The pizza is placed on top of lava debris at a temperature of about 800 degrees. The pizza will be ready in 14 minutes, ”David told AFP.

Many tourists come to Guatemala to see the active volcano. People who used to see the volcano now return after to eating pizza prepared in the lava and taking photos. The Pacaya volcano erupted in February. The local government and authorities had issued a stern warning.