Life expectancy is only 50 years; This island will disappear from the face of the earth

Tangier Island is a beautiful sight to be visited by tourists in Virginia. The unique culture of the people and the natural beauty of the place make it a popular tourist destination. But a very sad truth also exists around this island; The island of Tangier is sinking inch by inch. It will disappear from the face of the earth in the next few years.

Today, it is a popular tourist destination. The island is reached by boats. The island has restaurants and excellent accommodation for tourists. Tourists have the opportunity to interact with the life and culture of the island people and enjoy fresh water and delicious seafood. If you want to see and experience everything, you have to make the journey within the next fifty years.

Tangier Island is located in Chesapeake Bay. Due to its distance from the main islands, the island is almost isolated in the middle of the sea. Therefore, the language of the people here is a slightly different American English variant. Rising sea levels are threatening the island as ice sheets melt due to climate change. The island’s land area has shrunk by 67% since 1850. The remaining part is expected to be swallowed by the sea within the next fifty years.

The population was 727 at the 2010 census. People settled here in the 1770s. Most of them were farmers. By the end of the nineteenth century, they had begun fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. Depends on the sea – the lives of most people here now. The island has a special language and culture and is listed in the ‘National Register of Historic Places’.

For decades, islanders have been urging political representatives to ensure the island’s protection. The island can be saved by building sea walls. Residents and History Museum officials continue to raise money for the seawall fund. Following the media coverage in 2017, President Donald Trump promised to help the island. But then there was no follow-up or help.