Lockdown in Goa from today: Know the Travel restrictions

Goa announces four-day lockdown. The lockdown will last from 7 pm on Thursday 29th April to Monday 3rd May. All activities in the state, including tourism, will be temporarily banned. Including casinos and restaurants will not work. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that the decision was taken in the hope that the lockdown would reduce the number of covid cases in the state.

Tourists coming to Goa at this time are allowed to stay in their booked hotels but they cannot go out. From the evening of April 29 to the morning of May 3, such tourists must remain within the confines of the residence. It is also proposed to close casinos, hotels, and pubs during this time.

The government has asked people not to buy or store essentials unnecessarily as grocery stores are open all day. In addition, restaurants will continue to cook and distribute, and industries will be allowed to operate on their premises. But such industries require officials to arrange transportation.

Goa, a major source of income for tourism, is facing a major crisis following the covid. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, curfews, and international travel bans imposed in Goa and other states have been major setbacks for the tourism sector. Hotels, pubs, casinos, car rentals, and homestays all go through hardship.