Strict Police action in Kovalam tourism sector

Kovalam is being tightened by the police. Kovalam police are cracking down on widespread complaints that employees of shops, hotels, and restaurants operating in the tourism sector are interacting with visitors without following covid standards. The Kovalam Police inspector said that action would be taken from today.

Kovalam has a number of shops and other establishments belonging to people from other states. The police investigation also found that those who came to the shops without wearing masks were not provided with water and sanitizer for washing their hands as per the covid norms.

Police have also demanded that shop owners, including those in the government-prescribed age range, be vaccinated against the covid vaccine and have a covid negative certificate of no disease.

If more than five people are found in front of the shop, the shop owner will be fined.

Police also said that it is mandatory to line up in front of the sales outlets to comply with the prescribed social distance.