Covid vaccination Centers; Google Maps has come up with a new feature

The corona virus is spreading in the country in a more dangerous way than ever before. The country is actively implementing Covid vaccination to prevent the spread of the disease. Google Maps has come up with a new feature. The new feature will show covid vaccination centers in India, those who use Google search or Google map. The aim is to make more people aware of when and how to get vaccinated through Google Maps.

The difficulty of getting to a place of residence and the distance to vaccine centers often puts people in crisis. But it would be more helpful to know all of this in a reliable way and to book a vaccination.

This feature is now available on Google Search and Google Maps. If you look at the covid-19 vaccine location on Google Maps, it will show you the nearest vaccination centers. Do a Google search on the right to see where the vaccine is available. If you click on it, you will know where the vaccine is being distributed near our location. You can also get comprehensive information about Vaccination Drive in Google Search India here.