After Two Years, Subhash Park in Kochi will open today

Butterflies, Children’s and the Public are welcome. Subhash Park will open today. Butterflies and Medicinal Gardens have been set up in the park as part of the C Head-ICLEII Interact Biodiversity Project under the Kochi Corporation.

The park closed nearly a year ago following a lockdown. The construction of butterfly and medicinal gardens was also prolonged by covid. Mayor M. Anilkumar said that after the inauguration which will be held at 5 pm, the park will be opened to the public at 6 pm.

The Butterfly Garden was set up on 20 cents of land. Kochi is modeled on the Butterflies garden developed by the Kerala Forest Research Center (KFRI). The project aims to attract butterflies by planting plants suitable for different species of butterflies and creating a suitable habitat.

It takes at least 3 years for different species of butterflies to fly and reach full size in the garden. Within this, at least 30 species of butterflies are expected to reach the butterfly garden. Migratory butterflies from other places are also expected.

The Herbal Garden has 157 species of medicinal plants. It is prepared in 15 cents land. Each plant is accompanied by a description of the medicinal properties, scientific name, and Malayalam name.

Subhash Park is also becoming a permanent venue for Arts Space Kochi (ASK) art exhibitions. Dance evening organized by dancer Soumya Satheesh for Bharatha Kalamandir will be held today as the first event of Ask at the park.

Entry to the fully sanitized park is from 3 to 8 p.m., with covid safety standards. Admission to the park is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays and festival days.