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Kuruva Island reopens to 1,150 peoples daily

After a long two-year hiatus, Kurvua Island is set to reopen to tourists from April 10. Five eco-tourism centers, including Kuruva, which were closed due to complaints from environmental groups, will be reopened in Wayanad. Kuruva Island, located on the east bank of the Kabini River, is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Wayanad. Learn about the number of people who can visit Kuruva Island each day, admission time, entrance fees, and things to look out for.

Kuruva Island is a group of about 150 small islands spread over an area of ​​950 acres. It is also one of the largest uninhabited islands. The place is rich in evergreen forests and is famous for its lush greenery all year round. Here are the islands where the tributaries of the Kabini River diverge. The Kabini River divides into 18 and flows through the island of Kuruva.

The place is famous for its unique biodiversity and habitat. Scientists have found many rare plants here. There are many plants here that are not found anywhere else. Kuruva Island is also home to rare birds. People also come here for bird watching.

Tourists are not allowed to enter Kuruva Island during the monsoon season due to safety concerns. The place is closed for about five months from June to September, and access is restricted during the monsoon season due to rising water levels.

After a two-year closure, Kuruva Island will reopen to tourists on April 10, 2021. Admission will be in compliance with the covid norms and restrictions, admitting 1150 people a day.

Tourists are allowed to enter here from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. The charge is Rs 94 per person. There is also an awareness class for tourists on the ban on plastics. Due to the low water level here at present, the construction of temporary barriers for bathing is also under consideration. Guides from the Kuruva Forest Conservation Committee are stationed every 50 meters for the safety of travelers.

How To reach
The easiest way to reach Kuruva is from Bathery via Beenachi-Kenichira-Nadavayal-Neervaram-Koodalkadavu-Palvelicham. The route length is 38.5 km. From Nadavayal, one can reach Kuruva via Payyampally-Kurukkanmoola-Palvelicham and Sultan Bathery-Irulam-Pulpally.

Coming from Kozhikode, you can reach Kuruva via Kalpetta-Wayanad road via Panamaram-Kappumchal-Payyampally-Kurukkanmoola-Palvelicham. You can also reach here from Pulpally via Pakkam-Koodalkadavu-Palvelicham.