Exploring Connolly’s Plot at Nilambur, Kerala

Like those precious gems hidden away under the ocean and upon the mountains, some of the beautiful places in the state are still stashed away in deep folds of nature, and you’d have to walk a bit of ground to get to it. Conolly’s Plot is one such place a nature lover must explore someday.

An exclusive place dedicated to teak and it is one of the oldest teak plantations in the world – the Conolly’s Plot. Named after H. V. Conolly, then Collector of Malabar, in 1842 initiated the action to plant teak here and that resulted in the world-famous teak plantation. The place is home to numerous large teak trees. After a short walk through the Kerala Forest Department area, one has to cross a beautiful hanging bridge, which is the longest in Kerala, built across river Chaliyar, to reach the Conolly’s Plot. The plantation also houses a big tree that has a girth of 420 cm.   This is one of the oldest surviving man-made teak plantations in the world. You can stroll along the plot for hours.

Applicable Charges

Rs. 25/- for Adults (Indian National)
Rs. 10/- for children (Indian National)
Rs. 40/- for Adults (Foreign national)
Rs. 20/- for children (Foreign National)

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