First-ever snowshoe run organised at Srinagar to promote winter sports

For the first time, a snowshoe run and interaction program was held at Srinagar in Kashmir. The event was held during the heavy snowfall season in the region. Snowshoe Federation of India has organized the event with an eye to boosting winter sports in the Kashmir region.

Usually, the game is usually played in various parts of Europe and the Indian version has definitely attracted athletes from various parts of Kashmir.

“The snowshoe run was organized in Srinagar keeping in view the scope of the sport in a winter tourism place like Kashmir.

“This is a not so popular game in Jammu and Kashmir but we have organized this for the first time in Srinagar. Last week we had organized an event. Now, this week we are organizing another event for the junior and senior category. Snowshoe equipment is required in this sport which is common in Gulmarg. The winter season remains for five months in Kashmir which leaves a lot of scope for such an event.” said one of the participants.

M Bilal, another participant stated, “We have come here to participate in the snowshoe race. We are participating in this for the first time. I am really excited and pleased about the event. This will be very beneficial for us.”

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