FICCI invites Sajeev Kurup to be chairperson of Ayurveda Tourism Task Force

sajeev kurup ayurvedamana

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has proposed creating an Ayurveda Tourism Task Force, with an objective of bringing all the key stakeholders on a common platform. The task force will plan and strategize on a road map to develop Ayurveda Tourism by working closely with the government and co-create solutions with the help of the stakeholders.

Manish Ahuja, Head -Tourism & Director of FICCI, has invited Sajeev Kurup, managing director of Ayurvedamana Hospitals, to become the chairperson of the task force and lead Ayurveda Tourism to the next level.

In the wake of the pandemic, there is greater awareness about using natural remedies to boost immunity and stay healthy. One of India’s biggest USPs is Ayurveda and its immense health benefits. Hence, FICCI felt the need to have a task force that can promote Ayurveda Tourism in domestic as well as international markets.

The task force will seek to create awareness among the stakeholders about the SOPs to be implemented by Ayurveda service providers and build confidence of the tourists.

FICCI in its note said the Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected all sections of the economy, especially the hospitality and travel industry. As the country gears up to open tourism and revive the sector, the government and private stakeholders are adapting to the new normal by focusing on safety parameters and building niche tourism products to generate demand from tourists, FICCI’s statement noted.

FICCI Ayurved tourism sub committee