Jalesh Cruises to commence operations, with free Covid testing for all passengers

jalesh cruises

Jalesh Cruises has said that it will commence cruise operations from November 6, following the Indian government’s decision to allow sailing from October 1. As a result, MV Karnika will set sail on that day, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.

To offer a safe and secure holiday on the sea, Jalesh Cruises will offer all passengers free rapid Covid-19 testing at the time of embarkation. Passengers will receive their test results in 15 minutes, board the ship without any fears or worries and set sail into the blue.

Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO, Jalesh Cruises said, “The announcement by the Indian Government to permit sailing by cruise companies comes as a fresh breath of air to all of us. We have been waiting to set sail with passengers and we eagerly await November.”

“The health and safety of our passengers and our crew has been and will always be our priority. I would like to reassure our valued guests that they would not find a safer and cleaner ship than Karnika.” MV Karnika has been in Mumbai, since March 12.

Jalesh Cruises, is India’s first multi-destination cruise line that has world-class entertainment shows, activities and exotic authentic cuisines packed with international hospitality on the high sea. The cruise is designed and customized especially for the Indian audience to experience the flavor of Indian and International culture, food & hospitality while sailing in India.