Air India withdraws job offers given to cabin crew trainees

Air India has withdrawn job offers sent out to around 180 trainee cabin crew members amid the economic slowdown in the aviation sector due to the coronavirus pandemic, news agency PTI has reported.

“The airline has taken a decision to withdraw job offers for about 180 trainees who were to join as cabin crew after completing their training as the aviation sector has been hit hard due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said an airline official.

In a letter sent to one such trainee cabin crew member on July 6, the airline said, “In view of the current aviation scenario, it would not be possible for Air India to impart any further training to you for engaging your services. In view of above reasons, which are beyond the control of the company, it has been decided to discontinue your training arrangement and dispense with the offer of engagement with immediate effect.”

It further said the bank guarantees furnished by the individual trainees at the time of joining were being returned.

The aviation sector has been significantly impacted due to the travel restrictions imposed in India and other countries amid the coronavirus pandemic. All airlines in India have taken up cost-cutting measures such as pay cuts and firing employees in order to conserve cash flow, the PTI report said.

India resumed domestic passenger flights from May 25 after a gap of two months due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown. However, the airlines have been allowed to operate only a maximum of 45% of their pre-COVID domestic flights. Occupancy rate in Indian domestic flights has been around 50-60% since May 25.

Scheduled international passenger flights continue to remain suspended in India since March 23.