Hycinth Hotels issues guidelines for safety of guests

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Hycinth Hotels has taken a series of steps to ensure safety and security of its guests, in wake of the coronavirus transmission.

Hygiene is the name of the game now, the hotel’s manager Santosh Kumar Sinha has said. “A super-hygiene culture needs to be set in place.”

“We have got the ball rolling with apt measures for swiftly addressing hygiene related concerns owing to the pandemic that the world is currently fighting,” he said. “Safe, secure and quality service like never before is our primary aim now and for the days to come.”

The hotel has outlined the followed guidelines:

Ø All guests must wear a mask while they are at the property or outside.

Ø A safe distance of at least 2m (6 feet) should always be maintained while at the property. All guests should follow this mandatorily.

Ø 2 m distance markings at the reception area should be strictly followed during your check in and checkout process.

Ø No visitors will be allowed inside the hotel during your stay.

Ø Daily Temperature checks will be done using a thermal gun thermometer for all the guests.

Ø Common area cleaning checklist will be displayed at the reception and rooms cleaning checklist, inside the room on the back of the door.

Ø Do not remove and let the mask hanging on your neck

Ø Do not remove your mask by touching the outside surface of the mask

Ø Discard it appropriately in a covered bin, no other waste to be clubbed along with this bin, mentioned as “Bio-Medical waste”.

Ø After you remove the mask clean hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap and water.

Ø Social distancing includes refraining from hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with guests as well as among staff. It involves maintaining a distance of at least 1 m (3 ft) and avoiding anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Ø Hand hygiene means regularly and thoroughly cleaning hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water. Also avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. Hand disinfection is recommended after exchanging objects (money, credit cards) with guests.

Ø Cars are disinfected after each trip.

Ø The chauffers have been instructed to minimize the conversation due to safety concerns.

Ø Temperature check at the entrance is mandatory for guests. Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6F or 37.5C, will be guided to nearby hospital/medical facilities.

Ø Sanitization desk to be set up at the entrance.

Ø Lobby door to be opened by the staff only.

Ø Luggage will be disinfected and cleaned using VIREX 256 spray guns.

Ø Ensure that you follow the marking on the floor (3 meter away from each guest) to maintain social distancing at the Front desk.

Ø In the event that you are arriving from a restricted country or a region within the country, ensure that you have detailed information given to our agents upfront before arrival or at the time of making the reservation, so that we can consider the priority check-in so that they don’t spend much time at the front desk.

Ø ID Proofs have to be received by mail well ahead of your check in.

Ø Self-declaration forms which were introduced before the lock down period will continue till further notice.

Ø Try to do your payments online to ensure minimum contact.

Ø Newspapers will be delivered only on request. Kindly update us you preferences, if any upon your arrival.

Ø No escorting and room orientation will be done. You may use the instruction manuals kept in the rooms for any queries that you may have or else kindly contact the reception for assistance.

Ø We have taken all measures to ensure that safety instructions, including the number of Guests allowed at any given time. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused to the Guests due to the new safety norms.

Ø Elevator floor has markings with directions (minimum 3 metres away from each other), so that guests do not face each other and maintain the appropriate social distance.

Ø Elevator floor buttons are regularly sanitized by our associates.

Ø Sanitizers have been kept in all the lift landing areas for your safety and hygiene.

Ø Room linen will be changed once in two days or on request.

Ø For single occupancy rooms only two hangers and two pillows to be kept in the room, for double occupancy only four hangers and four pillows to be kept in the room.

Ø Mini bar and tea/coffee amenities have been removed from the room except the hot water kettle. Tea/Coffee will be served complimentary to the guest, upon request.

Ø Kindly call the In Room Dining for your complimentary platter of seasonal cut fruits.

Ø We have kept items which are required for your safety for sale if required. Items like Masks, gloves, sanitizers, wipes etc are available at a very nominal rate. The price list has been placed in the room.

Ø As far as possible digital menu card via QR Code to be offered to the guest. Buffet service has been suspended.