Las Vegas casinos set to open on June 4

las vegas

For the past three months, Las Vegas wore a deserted look. No crowds, no lights, no fun. But now the famed casinos are set to open, promising to bring some life back into the city.

For the past two weeks Nevada has shown a decrease in the number of new coronavirus cases, encouraging governor Steve Sisolak to set a tentative date of June 4 to reopen casinos state-wide, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Our members have spent more than two months preparing for this day,” Virginia Valentine, president and CEO of the Nevada Resort Association, said in an emailed statement to Review-Journal.

“They’ve put in place enhanced health and safety plans and protocols. Our members are excited to show off the enhancements they’ve made that preserve the experience while ensuring the well-being of our employees and visitors.”

However, restrictions on gaming will be in place, including four players only at roulette, six at craps. Plastic partitions will separate dealers from players and players from each other at the Bellagio casino, with three at each table. Some slot machines will be shut down to discourage players from sitting near each other.

“You’re going to see a lot of social distancing,” said Sean McBurney, general manager at Caesars Palace. “If there’s crowding, it’s every employee’s responsibility to ensure there’s social distancing. Visually, you’ll still see a lot of colour and activity, but you won’t be able to play every machine.”