ATTOI calls for Prime Minister Modi’s intervention to rescue tourism entrepreneurs

ATTOI President Vinod C S

The Association of Tourism Trade Organisations India (ATTOI) has urged the Prime Minister and Finance Minister to address the concerns of the Indian tourism industry without delay.

Tourism, hospitality and health care sectors were expecting immediate relief measures as part of the government’s ₹20 lakh crore stimulus package. These industries were badly hit by the pandemic and hence were looking forward to some support.

“But there has been no stimulus for tour operators, hotels, resorts or ayurveda hospitals who have to bear the salaries and maintenance costs even when shut,” ATTOI president Vinod CS said.

The government’s lack of empathy for the suffering tourism and hospitality sectors has been most disappointing, ATTOI said. These sectors directly and indirectly employ about 40 million people, but not even a single word was spoken about them in any of the press conferences by the government.

Despite the tourism industry being a critical contributor to the country’s GDP and foreign exchange earnings, it has been totally ignored. “What we have to understand is there will be a tsunami of layoffs in the tourism Industry if the Indian government doesn’t offer an immediate bailout and assistance,” the ATTOI President said.

The government has to immediately consider giving the industry, interest free loans without collaterals so that salaries can be paid. These loans will also help them to meet their operational costs. This should be arranged within a week. The government will have to also provide a waiver of fixed central and state statutory and banking liabilities, ATTOI said.

The government has to realise that many of the micro, mini and small scale tourism entrepreneurs in the country have reached a suicidal point, Vinod added.