Kerala Tourism rolls out procedure to be followed while accommodating NRKs on paid quarantine

Kerala Tourism has stated that hotels accommodating non-resident Keralites (NRKs) on paid quarantine will have to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) as detailed below:


• The guests willing for paid quarantine should register themselves with the online portal designed for paid quarantine hotel bookings. The details of persons shall also be provided.

• The guest should not be having any symptoms at the time of checking in at the hotel

• Only family members who have travelled with them would be allowed to share the hotel room.

• The guests should be willing to abide with the instructions of the hotel staff and health team


• Only one vehicle at a time will allowed to park in the porch to disembark the guest and only one guest wearing proper mask at a time will be allowed from the vehicle to proceed to for Screening and then to the lobby for registration formalities.

• On arrival the guest should be screened for temperature and if the temperature is above the standard limit (98.6 Fahrenheit / 37.2 degree Celsius), the guest will not be provided entry into the hotel and he will be immediately referred to the health authorities for any further action. The person screening the guest should wear PPE or use a WISK model for screening. A minimum distance of 1 metre should be maintained at all times while interacting with the guests.

• The guest shall unload his/her luggage by himself. Guest have to manage the hand baggage if any by himself

• Luggage to be sanitized immediately after unloading and shifted to lobby by hotel staff.

• The guest shall undergo hand sanitization before entering the lobby and proceeding to reception counter


• The Guest shall sign the Registration Card and forward a scanned copy of the passport / a valid ID proof to the Hotels email id / whatsapp

• The guest shall make the entire payment direct to the hotel in accordance with the policy of the hotel by credit card / debit card / online transfer. The reception staff shall sanitize the credit card machine after every use.

• Once the Guest is allotted with the room, he shall proceed and identify his luggage for tagging and the respective luggage will be transferred to his room by the hotel staff. The guest will be guided to the respective room by the hotel staff.

• The one point contact of the guest will the hotel reception number.


• Sufficient bed sheets & pillow covers (2 sets for each person)

• Plate / glass / cup /spoon /fork (1 set for each person )

• Sufficient mineral water will be provided

• Towel (2 sets for each person)

• Bath soap (2 nos – big)

• Washing soap (2 nos)

• Washing powder (1 packet )

• Broom (1)

• Waste bin with disposable cover (1 )

• Centralized air conditioning shall not be used by the guests. If the rooms do not have separate AC, then open ventilation and fan may be used (preferred method).

• The guests shall not use common amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, restaurants/dining halls etc or wander in the corridors during their stay


• Basic cleaning of the room shall be done by the guest themselves

• Basic cleaning guidelines Cleaning of clothes

• Waste collection &segregation

• Signages


• To be kept outside the door in a disposable cover.

• Food will be served on limited fixed menu basis

• Plates/ glass etc to be washed and reused by the guest.

• Food waste to be deposited in the waste bin after putting it in a cover and to be placed outside the room during the prescribed timing issued by the health team which will be sanitized and disposed off by the Hotel staff.


• Before arrival the room should be checked thoroughly for all repairs / maintenance.

• In the event of a breakdown / maintenance the staff has to go in with proper PPE

• Identify the problem over the phone before proceeding to the room

• Proper care to be taken once inside the room.

• Spend as minimum time as possible.


• Inform the health authorities immediately and follow their advice

• Inform health authorities about any staff contact.

• Sanitizing and Sealing the room as per the direction of health authorities


• After the duration of stay, obtain the NOC from the health authorities for check out of the guests.

• The guest has to keep the luggage and hand baggage outside the room for sanitization and the same will handled by the hotel staff.