If you are in the tourism sector and in dire need of help, this note is for you

tourism staff needs help

Even when the world stands still in a state of shock and surprise, a group of friends from the tourism and hospitality fraternity is joining hands to raise some funds through voluntary contributions to help at least 100 chosen, needy and deserving people within the tourism trade, with a strong resolve that no one from the industry should even think of committing suicide.

“In the first phase we intend to offer assistance for medical aid and educational aid. In case you know a person from within our industry or in your organisation who deserves any of the afore-mentioned assistance, please bring the same to the notice of this team. After a detailed scrutiny by the committee, the most deserving and needy ones will be provided with possible assistance within our capabilities,” the group friends stated in a note.

“We expect to have financial support and donations for this noble cause from our kind-hearted and compassionate friends from the industry who are in a comparatively better financial position,” the note said.

“We are going through one of the worst phases of tourism industry worldwide. Although most of the industries would bounce back after the Lockdown owing to COVID fear, we should understand for a fact that tourism will however take a longer period to return to its earlier position. A point when the flow of income ceases and one stands firm on his self-esteem and pride , we would probably be staring at a situation when some among us may resort to wrong options like suicides,” said the note.

Kindly contact the below mobile numbers of more details and to propose deserving candidates for the assistance offered by this team.

Sheikh Ismail- 9846036977
Vinod CS – 94471 61619
Zakeer Hussain – 97450 30033
Anish Kumar – 94470 51702
Amal Senan – 99200 15737
Abdul Gafoor – 9605040033
Janeesh J – 99950 37470
Hari KC – 96330 9997
Ansari – 99958 23882
Bijnu – 94477 75990
Vimal Roy – 86069 91701
Rajesh Nair – 94460 01490
Shilendran – 98470 32422
Rashid Kakkat – 96059 51111
Abhijith Balan – 99474 15939
Shijo Varghese – 94460 53080
Jiju James – 96562 76252
Aneez – 95440 15771
Babu – 85479 40058
Paul – 98473 21031
Riyas UC -98950 94000
James. K – 9846057523
Raju Kannampuzha – 99470 58123
Jihad Hussain – 99951 12200