APS chalks out multi-pronged strategy to promote Ayurveda: Sajeev Kurup

Sajeev Kurup Ayurvedamana

Ayurveda is the biggest revenue earning sector as far as Kerala Tourism is concerned.  Ayurveda tourism in Kerala comprises two categories 

1.    Wellness Ayurveda
2.    Therapeutic Ayurveda

The first one is more connected to the tourism angle and are mostly represented by beach properties. This segment has always attracted great demand. Around 65% of the Ayurveda clients come into this category out of which most are international guests. They take a 7-28 day programme when the international season kicks in from  September to April. This year also most of the resorts were running full house from last October till the lockdown was implemented. The clients are more from CIS countries and Europe. The share of domestic clients is only 20 % and that too from the metros and high-profile business men and executives.

The second segment comprises clients who have serious health issues and they come for treatments with strict treatment protocols. The average stay will be 14 to 28 days or more. Mostly neurological and muscular related issues are handled by Ayurveda in this case. They usually come from European countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and some of the Scandinavian countries apart from Russia and Ukraine.

After the breakout of Covid-19 and the implementation of travel ban, the travel and tourism sector has been totally impacted. More than 500 resorts are closed affecting around 10,000 employees including doctors and para medical staff. The revenue loss is huge.

The immunity power through Ayurveda treatments and medicines are known to the world and all are trying to give publicity to this expecting more clients to come after the travel ban gets eventually lifted.

Ayurveda Promotion Society (APS), the biggest body of Ayurveda service providers in the state, is planning to promote Ayurveda through: –

1.  Social media publicity

2.  Spreading the message of importance of Ayurveda for checking spread of  Covid by boosting immunity, good life style, and post corona detoxification treatment packages etc 

3.  Upgrading the APS web site with direct link to members’ web sites

4.  Sending news letters to business associates around the world on the latest updates

5.  Giving case study details of Corona treatments through Ayurveda 

6.  Giving online consultancy services to patients and clients though expert member doctors  

7.  To conduct B2B and B2C meets to give publicity on the benefits of Ayurveda against the bacterial and viral infections, both inside and outside the country

8.  Work in association with the state and central tourism departments for promotion and marketing

9.    To telecast TV programmes in different Indian Languages on the strengths of Ayurveda

10.  To advertise commercially in all media giving publicity about Ayurveda   

As all are aware that lifting of lock-down, travel ban and quarantine are needed for the re-opening of business, we expect to start our activities by June/July for the domestic sector and December/January for the international sector.

(The author is Managing Director of Ayurvedamana Hospitals and President of the Ayurveda Promotion Society)