Being a Malayali, have you seen enough of Kerala? If not, your moment is waiting


How many Malayalis have seen the Champakkulam boat race live, after having a grand breakfast at a luxury villa? How many Malayalis have seen the Aranmula kannadi, while being educated on it by experts? Or let’s say how many have actually seen the Thrissur pooram and then retreated into a spa at a five star property? How many have seen a live Kathakali performance while experiencing the hospitality at any of Kerala’s leading resorts? Or let’s ask how many have undergone a panchakarma treatment or stayed in a luxury houseboat for a night?

While all these may sound familiar, the fact is while many foreign travellers have done all these, most Malayalis living in Kerala have not.

The Association of Tourism Trade Organisations India (ATTOI) is keen to promote Kerala tourism among Malayalis and feels that there is no better time to do this. “ATTOI is taking the initiative to coordinate maximum number of Kerala based tour operators to participate in a promotional campaign for this purpose,” ATTOI President Vinod CS has said.

ATTOI has come up with a website to drive this initiative.

“While we are passing through a difficult time in our profession, it is important that all of us work together to be successful. As we know Kerala has excellent tourism resources, but unfortunately Keralites are not spending money for overnight stays within the state. Most of our tours are just day tours and doesn’t involve staying in a hotel,” he said.

While Malayalis often highlight the special facilities available outside the country, they are not aware of the facilities available in the hotels within the state.

“The aim of the project is to familiarize our higher category of hotels with prospective Malayali customers by offering special, unimaginable prices to generate business for hotels, tour and transport operators, from June 1 to September 30,” the ATTOI President said.

To kickstart the process, ATTOI will take the initiative to familiarize these special properties to all prospective Malayali tourists. “We do not think there is a place like Kerala which is only 40,000 sq. kms in size with a population of 3.5 crores, where if we get 0.1% of good spending customers, we can generate 35,000 clients to travel with in the state,” he explained.

ATTOI will charge a nominal fee from all participating operators and hotels for common promotions through social media and visual channels. The individual promotions will be done by the tour operators themselves.

All tour operators will add only a nominal margin transparently (this will be same for all) and sell the product to the clients. The rates will be monitored by the association.

Extra bed charges should be very reasonable and affordable to the Kerala clients. Hotels will not offer these rates to any other operators/individuals/corporates or through any other sources as this project is to support the tour operators, taxi operators and hotels together.

These rates will be exclusive for Kerala tour operators and only for Malayali clients. To avail of this project, please register your property at: