Visiting Uganda and cooking with Mohanlal in the US are my most memorable travel experiences: Vijay Babu

Vijaya babu film actor producer

In our Celebrity Corner this week, we have actor-producer Vijay Babu who talks about his love for travel, the places he has visited and the destinations he wants to visit in future.

Q: Staying at home has proved to be a powerful tool to negate the spread of the corona virus. Both the centre and state governments are doing a great job of containing the epidemic. However, once this threat subsides people will look to travel later this year or early next year. How important has travel been for you?

I love travelling and try to explore new places whenever time permits. Also, lucky to be part of an industry where travelling for shoots is part of daily life too. Travel has helped me to see different ways of life and various cultures.

Q: Can you tell us about your most memorable journey in life? Why was it so memorable?

It was my 40 days schedule in Uganda, as part of a movie shoot. It was most memorable as it was my first ever trip to Africa. My perception of Africa was totally different from what I saw. Fresh air, lovely people and organic food. Just loved it all.

Q: Which are some of the destinations in your bucket list, be it international or domestic?

  • the Himalayas
  • a road trip Norway-Finland-Sweden.
  • need to explore some ancient cities in Europe.

Q: Can you name some of the most beautiful places that you have visited and why?

  • loved the UK country side – being the first trip
  • Shanghai & Hong Kong
  • loved the road trip across USA from California to Miami

Q: Can you share some of the funniest travel moments you have had with film stars in real life?

The best was with Lalettan (Mohanlal) for Peruchazhi shoot in USA. I was staying in a furnished apartment and had a kitchen. Both Lalettan and me love cooking and it was real fun to cook with him every day.