ATTOI proposes online refresher courses to keep employees productive

ATTOI President Vinod C S

With the hospitality sector facing a complete shutdown due to the corona virus pandemic, the Association of Tourism Trade Organisations India (ATTOI) is placing a special emphasis on online refresher courses to keep tourism and hospitality employees productive and engaged.

ATTOI is looking at the possibility of every job in the industry having a set protocol to follow and a handbook that will list down the processes that need to be adhered to.

ATTOI President Vinod CS says such an initiative will help the employees update themselves during this period of inactivity. “Today everyone has access to smart phones and internet. By using facilities like Zoom and WhatsApp we can take part in online tutorials. The whole idea is to help each other so that employees are able to refresh theoretically what they had learnt in the past. For some people these tutorials will be completely new, helping them to add vital knowledge about the various jobs in the industry and the latest methods involved to carry out the work,” the ATTOI President said.

For instance, Kerala is home to excellent ayurvedic therapists. But many of them may like to undergo a theoretical refresher course. ATTOI is hoping that the doctors in ayurvedic resorts can prepare an online curriculum for the therapists to go through at home, during this lockdown period. This can be moulded into a protocol for the industry.

The front office staff in most places are well equipped, but even they can learn new software tools to keep themselves updated about the latest methodologies. The marketing personnel can learn online about new marketing techniques, especially how to use social media to reach a vast audience with greater impact.

The drivers in the industry could be encouraged to look up English/foreign language proficiency courses online. They can also look to brush up their soft-skills that include professional behavior and polished language through these online tutorials.

“Our endeavor should be to have set protocol for all jobs in the industry. These tutorials can be shared among everyone. Let’s make this period productive and not see it as a vacation. Online learning is a powerful tool and let’s all make good use of it,” ATTOI President Vinod CS added.