Corona crisis: Leading hotels in Kerala remain optimistic

Kerala’s leading hotels and resorts are confident that the current gloomy scenario that has risen out of the corona virus pandemic, will be a temporary phenomenon. The various representatives of the hospitality sector have said that normalcy will return within a few weeks, as governments around the world are trying their best to contain the health hazard.


Dr.Raja Gopaal Iyer
UDS Hotels

“We have taken precautionary measures regarding basic hygiene of all their employees and existing guests. Business was going on good as usual. But because of sudden outbreak of COVID19 there have been cancellations. Corporate clients have deferred the original dates for meetings and get-togethers. Due to social media fear has crept in minds of domestic and international travellers. Overall, we are in a lean mode. But this phase is temporary. As soon as this epidemic is contained everything will fall back in place”

Deepa Paul Travancore Heritage

Deepa Paul
The Travancore Heritage

“Business was running smoothly but all of a sudden the entire tourism industry was in a shock to see travel being restricted because of corona virus. The outbreak has caught on like a wild fire, throwing sectors like aviation, food, manufacturing and processing across the world into panic mode. Respective regional authorities have come up with travel advisories and protocols to follow. Once a remedy is found for this epidemic, the situation is expected to settle down”

GM- Unnikrishnann

Unnikrishnann V Menon
General Manager
VIVIN Luxury Suites

“Though we may have seen cancellations on bookings following the outbreak of the dreaded corona virus, it is heartening to note that during the months of January and February we did a fair business. We are expecting a spike in business in a month or so”

Kanchana Patric Pereira

Kanchana Patrick
Manager (Operations)
Maurya Rajadhani

“In the current scenario there is nothing much one can do. Everyone should take care of their health and go by state’s health guidance. All industries including tourism has been hit globally due to COVID-19. The entire tourism industry is showing a downward trend. But we are confident that a breakthrough medicine for corona virus will happen at the earliest, so that life can go back to normalcy”

S K Sinha -Santosh Kumar Sinha

S K Sinha
Hotel Manager
Hycinth Hotels

” It’s a fact that the entire tourism Industry is going through a tough time because of the corona virus. Travel is totally restricted and multi-national firms have looked to either postpone or cancel travel plans. But the bad times will end and hopefully there will be a clear change in the scene soon”

Ratheesh Kumar R

Ratheesh Kumar R
General Manager
Amara Ayurveda Retreat

“It’s a huge impact on global tourism industry as a whole. Cancellation of bookings till April is on a high note. Since it’s a ayurveda retreat centre, the road to recovery will take a bit more time than normal. By April I feel the current situation will change”