Dan Hotels is re-opening the Dan Caesarea in Israel

After eight months of renovation work, Dan Hotels is re-launching Dan Caesarea under a unique concept. The iconic Dan Caesarea Hotel, established in the 1960s by Baron Rothschild, has now become an updated innovative resort at an investment of NIS 80 million. The entire complex, comprising of 116 guestrooms and suites; lobby; dining room; children’s Danyland club and all the public areas are renovated and upgraded and completely transformed. In addition, the property’s 62 verdant dunams have been newly landscaped.

Salon Bocca replaces the lobby area, offering delicious cocktails prepared especially for the resort by the Suramare group, (an exclusive Tel Aviv culinary bar), to accompany an original and appetizing menu. Beside the pool, you can enjoy the casual atmosphere of Limonada Bar providing a refreshing selection of summer drinks alongside exclusive cocktails.

There is a new Greek style ‘Tavern” that will supply you with a well-stocked picnic hamper to enjoy in the resort’s spacious and welcoming gardens.

Throughout the hotel you will find contemporary Israeli art, with 15 monumental sculptures by the award-winning Israeli sculptor, Yaakov Dorchin, in the gardens, and works of art in the guestrooms, created by the late Rita Alima.

“We are proud and excited to re-launch Dan Caesarea with a unique and innovative concept that will offer guests stylish rooms, fascinating art, a culinary experience with contemporary bars, all set in beautifully landscaped gardens that create a magical atmosphere. We have invested heavily in the development of this concept, which has become an up-to-date resort that offers an exceptional hospitality experience for both Israeli clientele and tourists,” said Ronen Nissenbaum, CEO.

The renovation project was a complex task, headed by Daniel Federmann, who with his talented team created this new and up-to-date concept. Architect Ilan Pivko redesigned all the public areas and Roni Federmann, the project’s architect, together with Esti Robinson and the staff of the Dan Hotels technical division, redesigned the rooms ensuring great satisfaction for every guest. Designers Philippe Boulakia and Dikla Robinson created a new and refreshing approach that connects the location with nature. The guestrooms have been designed to ensure they are light and airy and allow the view to wrap itself around each room. The unique balcony structure allows visitors to enjoy an open view with maximum privacy with a double seating area overlooking the grounds.

Bentzi Arbel, who is responsible for some of the leading concepts of the Tel Aviv culinary scene, created the concept of Happiness is Around, which describes the spirit of the resort from its design to the service. The art displayed throughout the Resort is from the Gordon Gallery collection, adding other unique touch to this magnificent property.

The materials used in the rooms are natural walnut veneer combined with original woodwork and furniture, gathered from around the world. A fine Italian walnut floor is set at an angle to the view and the unique mask installed in every room was created by the artist Tzachi Nevo especially for this project. The addition of a floating ceiling designed by Roni Aloni enhances the atmosphere of freedom.

The separate sleeping area contains a queen-size bed wrapped in cloth, with a pampering mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. Guests will be delighted with the Bluetooth gramophone, a mood lamp and focused reading lamps, as well as a 55-inch high-end TV. The extra spacious bathroom, complete with bathtub, shower, and an expansive marble surface in a classic cut stone finish, is separated from the room by a light Italian sliding door. All rooms are equipped with a well-stocked bar and a unique coffee machine complete with a selection of fresh coffee beans for grinding. Consideration has also been given to guests’ sense of privacy, resulting in each room having its own private entrance hall.

The perfect resort:

The renovated Dan Caesarea is the perfect location for families, as it provides a wide range of activities for all ages. The spirit of innovation did not skip the guests’ children, as a new and unique Danyland has been built for our younger generation of visitors. This new complex, never seen before in Israel, was designed by Philippe Boulakia and Dikla Robinson, who chose attractive pastel colors for the decor. The activity areas were designed with a deep understanding of what today’s children enjoy, combining a selection of retro games and technological innovations. Among the attractions that the Danyland club offers are a unique aquarium; a world of dinosaurs that combines a classic sandbox with a 3D projection, and a wealth of possibilities for an exciting gaming experience.

The swimming pool has a pool table standing in the water and tree houses have been embedded into some of the trees around the pool, enabling a delightful play experience. There is a variety of sports activities on offer such as: a basketball court designed with unique graphics, a soccer field, a tennis court, mini golf, table tennis and more. Many guests will also be enthralled with the variety of retro games reminiscent of the carefree days of the 60s and 70s.

Finally, the renovated Dan Caesarea would not be complete without a pampering spa complex. There are wet and dry saunas and a state-of-the-art gym with high quality equipment connected to advanced systems. From June there will be six advanced treatment rooms available, offering an exciting and pioneering treatment menu.

All these facilities together with a beautiful view of the resort’s pool and lawns – Dan Caesarea is ready to welcome its guests for a wonderful new experience.