This is the best time to Travel to Sri Lanka! Find out why!

Authentic, Compact and Diverse; That’s what Sri Lanka is all about. Only 66,000 square km in area, yet a treasure trove of diverse and astonishing surprises.

Sri Lanka is a cornucopia of magnificent beaches, rain forests, charming villages, hill country tea plantations, centuries old cities, emerald green paddy fields, fascinating cultural traditions, spectacular pageants and festivals, spicy, exciting cuisine and so much more. All this is contained in a compact, tropical island in which its people have been justifiably renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Due to its compactness and diversity, you can behold world’s largest animal (Blue Whale) and world’s largest terrestrial mammal (Asian Elephant) within just few days while also exploring unique phenomena such as “The Big Five”, “Endemic Birds”, “The Gathering” and many more that would leave you awe-inspired.

Why is this The Best Time to Travel?

1) No crowds, queue, waiting in line at attractions, crowded hotels or traffic jams!

This is absolutely the best time to travel to this enchanting island without the usual hustle and bustle due to less tourists travelling during this time. The hotels are not full which sometimes mean you may even have an entire hotel to yourself for a more relaxed and private experience at your own pace which would not usually be the case!

Whether you like slow travel or travelling at your own pace, NOW is the best time to visit!

2) Fantastic deals and special offers – The same Sri Lankan experience for a fraction of the cost!

Almost all hotels in Sri Lanka are currently offering great deals, free night offers, early booking offers and much lower pricing overall for the entire summer! Most accommodation providers are offering absolutely amazing offers up to 50 per cent off the usual pricing!

This essentially means you can even have an upgraded holiday and stay in the most luxurious accommodation and best room categories like suites and private villas at a much lower price than usual! A tempting offer that may not come again anytime soon!

The same authentic, unique and amazing experience and value for less! The best time to travel is NOW!

3) Heightened security and safety!

Sri Lanka is now one of the safest places one can travel to compared with many other destinations in the world due to stronger and additional security measures in place from the airport to all main cities around the island. Similar to driving on the highway or crossing the street in your own country, being careful, vigilant and using common sense is always recommended.

4) Insurance

In addition to any personal insurance you may have, Sri Lankan Holidays also provides liability insurance cover for every person travelling with us whilst in the island under our care through Fair First Insurance to a maximum of USD 50000.

What’s more should you need it we also have an additional personal insurance cover in place offered through insurance partners that covers overseas emergency accident and sickness medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, personal accident (including common carrier), loss of common carrier checked in baggage, single article limit including bag, delay of common carrier checked in baggage, loss of passport, personal liability, hijack cover, trip delay, missed departure/connection, trip cancellation and trip curtailment to a total amount of 50,000 USD and can be provided for as little as 5 USD per day per person for additional peace of mind and security!

5) Supporting communities and the local economy

Tourism equates to 10 per cent of the local economy and it provides a steady income for thousands of people. There are also many ancillary small businesses related to tourism that keep thousands of people in employment or those who depend on it for their livelihood and to feed their families without which they would struggle to survive!

Another great reason to travel to Sri Lanka NOW in support of this!

Convinced yet? If you need more reasons why it is now the best time to travel to Sri Lanka, then there are plenty more!


Source: TRV Holidays