World’s best chefs join the Sublimotion gastronomic performance

Sublimotion, the leading gastronomic performance in the world, will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, where it will launch its sixth season and share all the experience acquired over the last 5 years with the public. This development is based on the study and fusion of different disciplines, where haute cuisine, technology, music and staging bring this format into the realm of a new stage art.

For this new season, Chef Paco Roncero (2 Michelin Stars, 3 Repsol Suns) and his partner, creative director Eduardo Gonzales (Vega Factory), have invited great talents from the world of gastronomy, technology, cinema, conjuring, music, design and engineering to join the Sublimotion team.

In the field of food and drink, the Spanish chef wanted to put a menu together with some of the most prestigious chefs in the world. And so, one of the leading figures in Spanish cuisine, Elena Arzak (3 Michelin Stars), joins the team; the Peruvian Pía León (Best Latin American Female Chef 2018); the Slovenian chef Ana Ros (World’s Best Female Chef 2017) and, from Singapore, the pastry chef Janice Wong (Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2015). They are tasked with bringing a new look to this innovative gastronomic performance.

Another of the important new developments this season is new member of the creative team, Spanish composer Lucas Vidal (2 Goyas and 1 Emmy). He has put together the Sublimotion soundtrack for this sixth edition.

The Spanish film director, Curro Sanchez (1 Goya for the documentary, “La Búsqueda”), will add all his visual skills to the Sublimotion technology mix.

Similarly, the 21st century illusionist Jorge Blass, the Spanish music producer and DJ, Wally López, the fashion designer, Roberto Diz, and the Alicante artisan Jose Piñero, complete the artistic cast that are part of the Sublimotion 2019 team.

This year will also mark the return of the Spanish actress and model, Ana Vide. She will once again be the mistress of ceremonies and in charge of leading this performance, now in its sixth season.

In the technological field, the Sublimotion R + D + I team is still committed to cutting-edge technology, and will offer diners an immersive experience in “Hybrid Reality”. A development that will immerse the 12 guests in a completely virtual environment, where they can interact and taste haute cuisine in a real way. Engineers, designers and programmers work together to enhance the pleasure of enjoying haute cuisine, opening the way to hitherto unpublished formats.

Europe’s first Hard Rock Hotel, with a 5-star rating and located on Playa d’en Bossa, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has become a meeting point for international celebrities and lovers of new trends, combining the Hard Rock philosophy with pure Mediterranean style.