Indian Celebrity TV couple — Neel Motwani and Vindhya Tiwari celebrate in Sharjah

TV serial Waaris is very popular among its genre of television soaps in India and its co-actors and couple on screen have translated their reel-chemistry into real life as well! Neel Motwani and Vindhya Tiwari, are tying the knot this year and as a precursor to the grand Indian wedding celebrations that will take place later this year, spent quality time with each other in Sharjah — a glittering UAE emirate, that entices with a host of fascinating experiences.

The trip was a very special part of their lives as it was the first they took together and the special experience of cultural richness, fabulous food and the entire shopping experience — is what the couple will remember for a lifetime. They both shared their experiences on their social media handles letting their millions of fans know about their “Yash Raj” moments in Sharjah.

Among the highlights of the trip was the couples’ visit to Sharjah’s most beautiful mosque — the Al Noor Mosque, with its cascade of domes and two soaring minarets that dominate the skyline of the Emirate. Al Noor Mosque welcomes non-Muslim visitors. Another favourite was the Rain Room at Sharjah Art Foundation where the couple walked through a downpour of continuous rain without getting wet. Dune bashing at Mleiha and the Wasit Wetland Centre, which is known for its work in bird conservation, also impressed them.

Sharjah has come to epitomize holidays that are on every global standard whether in hospitality or the experiences offered. It has morphed into an emirate that lures travelers with its charm and genuine excellence. When experienced with the added bonus of a unique cultural perspective, a visit to Sharjah stays with you, for a lifetime. Sharjah, once experienced, turns from enigmatic, to enchanting.