India’s passport power improved by 11 ranks in the last four years

Thanks to the liberalisation of the visa policy, India has managed to jump to the 66th rank on the list from 77th in 2015.  and the improvement has been due to liberalisation  and several other measures. India’s passport power has improved by 11 ranks in the last four years whereas United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become number one in the ranking, replacing Singapore. China, on the other hand, ranks just nine levels above India, with 57th rank.

The ranking by Arton Capital Passport Index (APCI), an online tool which collects and displays the ranks of passports of the world, to various passports is given on the basis “Visa Free” status accorded to passport holders of a specified country and other parameters.

India is ranked 66th as its passport provides Visa Free (VF) access to 25 countries, Visa on Arrival (VoA) to 39 countries (Visa Free Score 64), while visa requirement is compulsory for 134 countries. Some of the countries which allow Indians without visa are Bhutan, Fiji, Indonesia, Mauritius, Nepal, Palestinian territories and Qatar.

India was ranked 72nd on the index, with a Visa Free score of 54, in 2017, while its rank was 66th last year, according to the index. United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupies the number one rank globally, with Visa Free access to 114 countries, VoA to 54 countries, while visa requirement is compulsory for 30 countries. Germany is in second rank with visa-free access to 127 and visa on arrival to 39 countries. Countries which are on the third rank include Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, France, Switzerland, USA, while those on the fourth rank include Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

Source: TSGLive