Meghalaya’s inbound tourism recorded 80 per cent growth in a decade

Tathagata Roy, Meghalaya Governer, said that various government initiatives and the hospitality of locals have attracted more tourists to the state from other parts of India and abroad. He was delivering his speech in the state Assembly on the first day of budget.

“Meghalaya Tourism has witnessed a massive inflow of both international and domestic tourists in the last ten years. The tourists’ inflow in Meghalaya has increased by 80 per cent in the last ten years,” said the Governor

The government envisages tourism promotion for the state according to the State Tourism Policy. It plans to bring about developments in Adventure tourism, Eco-tourism, Cultural tourism, Cave Tourism, and also encouraging home stays for travellers.

“State will provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs who like to set up home stays and resorts for guests coming in to Meghalaya,” added the Governor

Such initiatives will be carried out under the Meghalaya Tourism Development and Investment Promotion Scheme.

Meghalaya Tourism has also made further developments in the tourism sector in the state. The department of tourism in Meghalaya recently inaugurated log huts, and other structures at Lake View, and Orchid Lake Resort, under the Swadesh Darshan scheme of Union Ministry of Tourism.