Meghalaya government seeks to adopt Responsible Tourism Model

Meghalaya government reiterates the importance of Responsible Tourism in the state on the increased tourist footfall in the state during last year.

As per reports, inbound tourism has recorded 80 per cent growth in the tourism during the last 10 years – which is a thing to celebrate, at the same time arouse the thoughts on responsible tourism.

Dawki River

A one-day workshop was organized by Outlook Responsible Tourism in association with the Meghalaya Government to discuss the issues of responsible tourism.

Speaking on the occasion, Additional Chief Secretary Rebbeca V Suchiang mentioned the huge footfall of tourists into the State in the last ten years. Claiming that Meghalaya has no more peak season for tourist, she illustrated the impact of mass tourism to the state, positively and negatively.

“Look at the 500 year living root bridge where 15 to 20 people at one go walk by and take selfies and photographs”, said Suchiang.

“We should be responsible enough to let the living bridge live and lure more people further,” she added.

Irresponsible act of tourists on one of the living root bridge in Meghalaya

While addressing the workshop, James PK Sangma, Home Minister of Meghalaya cited the significance of the workshop and said it is important to consider the boom in tourism activities in the State in recent years.

“It is very important to practice sustainable tourism by all concerned, through adoption of responsible tourism to ensure that the ecology and the livelihood of the people are sustained in the long run,” said Sangma.

The minister also expressed hope that the benefits of the workshop will be reaped by hoteliers, tour operators, co-operative societies and other stakeholders involved in the tourism sector.

The day-long workshop featured presentations by experts on topics like ‘A Road Map for Building Responsible Businesses in Meghalaya’, ‘Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort’ and ‘How to Use Free Digital Tools to Help Your Business Grow’.