Uday Samudra creates world record in making the biggest dessert pudding

Chefs of Uday Samudra Group has made a world record in making the biggest miscellaneous dessert pudding using residual foods. They have prepared a ‘city of pudding’, weighing 1622 Kgs, which depicted landscapes, water bodies, airports etc.

The miscellaneous dessert pudding is cake pudding that used crumbs from sandwich cookies and pudding in combination with other ingredients to create a dessert that has a different amazing look of a mini city.

The event was a reminder for those who waste foods in hotels and restaurants. The chefs of UDS set forth a message that the residual parts of desserts can be used to make sandwiches, which can be given to those who do not have food to eat. It was a great example of optimum utilization resources and to reduce food wastage.

People from all walks of life have participated in the event. Eminent personalities, people from charitable organizations, staff of the restaurants and school children were among the people gathered to witness the world record performance.

EM Najeeb,  Managing Director, ATE Group; Rajasree Ajith, Director, KITTS; George Baby, Coast Guard Commandant and C V Raveendran, Airport Director were also present on the occasion.