Petra aims to attract one million visitors

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Developmental Region of Petra, Dr Sulaiman Al-Farajat has said that the authority is seeking concerted efforts and partnership with all parties concerned with tourism to reach one million visitors during the current year.

Al-Farajat confirmed that the ancient city began its new year, with an increase in the number of visitors, as a result of efforts exerted and partnership between all partners in the governmental, private sector and local communities.

Al-Fergat expected that this year will be a tourist destination with excellence and classifies the best in the history of Petra tourism, which makes us need more service projects and tourism investments that prolong the duration of the tourist stay in Petra, and raise the level of services provided to serve the tourist and the community alike.

Reiterating the Authority’s keenness to facilitate the tasks of all wishing to invest in the region he pointed out that the state of tourism activity makes the region need many services such as hotels, restaurants, camps and craft projects.

He explained that there are many hotels in operation and will help to provide a large number of hotel rooms and jobs for the people of the community, including the Kings Road Hotel of the Authority and is expected to be operational during the next few months.

He called for the importance of working to amend legislation encouraging domestic and foreign investment to increase the competitiveness of Petra and thus take its share of the global tourism market.