India’s first shoes made with natural & renewable fibers perfect for globetrotters

Have a look at Neemans – India’s first startup to create shoes with revolutionary natural and renewable fibers like Merino Wool, Plant based Castor Bean Oil & Recycled Rubber, for all day comfort. You can wear this extremely lightweight shoes socks free. It is also odour resistant, breathable and machine washable.

The shoes were conceptualised in America and designed in London.  Mostly insoles of shoes are made with petroleum-based oil, but Neeman’s has replaced this with a plant-based source, castor bean oil. Made from the finest Merino wool from Australia, the shoe promises to offer the best comfort through all seasons in India.

Neeman’s shoe collection comprises joggers (multi-functional lightweight running shoe), classic sneakers with a modern twist, and simple yet elegant loafers, in subtle colours fit for all occasions. It also has the ability to withstand every weather condition. Each shoe has an upper made from Merino wool and are of high-quality.

The founders, Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh,is looking at opening stores in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.