China contribute to tourism growth of Asia-Pacific regions

Photo Courtesy: The National

As per a recent report in China Daily, China’s performance the tourism has boosted the travel and tourism sector in the Asia-Pacific region in recent years.

Number of overnight stay travellers in China had gone up 2.5 per cent during 2017, compared with 2016, reaching 60.7 million.  Meanwhile, around 140 million outbound trips are recorded during 2018, depicting an increase of 11 million from 2017.

It said that international visitors bound for China accounted for nearly 20 per cent of all travellers and 8.4 per cent of the tourism revenue generated in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is reported that almost 60 per cent of the 4.7 billion U.S. dollars received by Cambodia in the first nine months of 2018 has been from Chinese Tourists.

The study by the Tourism Academy projected that tourism around the world will grow steadily in 2019, with the Asia-Pacific area sees the fastest growth in inbound tourism.

According to the report, China has been powering the world’s tourism development since the Belt and Road Initiative was announced in 2013. Booming mobile payment services in China have also contributed to the growth of tourism industry substantially.