Aditya, the first solar powered ferry in India, turns 2

Aditya, the first solar powered ferry in the country, has completed two years of operation today. It was a major step from the part of the state government in public transport. With the introduction of Aditya, The Department of Water Transport has accomplished the concept of utilizing modern ideas in a beneficial way. It was announced by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in his Facebook post.

Aditya could reduce the problem of environmental pollution and the consumption of fuel. Aditya has already traversed a distance of 38,000 km carrying around 6.5 lakh passengers so far. A typical boat requires around 58,450 liters of diesel to travel this distance. The water transport department has made a profit of around Rs 40 lakh in terms of fuel consumption.

Furthermore, Aditya could prevent the emission of 1,29,439 Kgs carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which would have happened in case of using a normal boat to travel this distance, the statement noted.

“The government could provide the services of the water transport sector in a fruitful way within its 1000 days of tenure.  The government’s decision is to speed up the modernization of the sector by providing more solar boats,” states the post.