Pakistan – an embodiment of lasting beauty and diverse culture

Watching out what’s hidden in the small country of an area 796,096 Your excitement would know no bounds after you landed in this land of beauty. Each part of Pakistan has an enriched speciality of beauty to which you will be spellbound. Your words would not quite enough to praise the scenes that this beautiful land casts in front of you. Attractive. Huh? You must be.

The beauty that Pakistan is blessed with is quite unique. Nevertheless, if it’s not unique how an increased rate of tourism can be noticed? Actually, media casts a darkened and absolutely wrong picture of Pakistan before the foreigners. It is to inform you that this country is emerging as one of the peaceful nations.

If I start to discuss all the places in Pakistan which are worth-seeing, the praising words and phrases from the dictionaries and thesauruses would have finished but there would still remain many places to discuss. So, let us probe into just a few of the many places worth-seeing in Pakistan. Isla Oliver, who works for a company that specialises in sending cargo to Pakistan from UK, is narrating her experiences during her many journeys to Pakistan…

Skardu- mindboggling presentation of Nature

Skardu, the capital of Baltistan is located at the exposure of 7500 feet above the sea level behind the lofty peaks of Karakorum. It is in the centre of risky frontier land, the centre of trade, transportation and gateway to one of the planet’s most delightful landscapes. It is at a distance of 241 km from Gilgit and 783 km from Islamabad. The drive to Skardu along the narrow gorge of the Indus River is unforgettable and adventurous.

Skardu becomes impressive landscape due to the juxtaposition of sand dunes and snow-capped mountains. How striking it is! Skardu has a historic fort at the top of the ridge known as the Castle of Mindoq. There are two lakes which add more beauty to Skardu: Kachura Lake and Sadpara Lake.

The scenic Skardu Valley richly endowed with an astounding landscape of lofty mountains, deep gorges, serene lakes and huge glacier valleys have remarkably retained its vast and varied treasures of beauty. Skardu is the getaway to the chief mountains and all region is recognised as a bouldering and trekker’s utopia.

Khamush Waterfall-catching you towards its grandeur

Keen-sighting a waterfall up can be one of life’s most incredible practice. As a matter of fact, even no two waterfalls are unerringly alike – they can be shrill or gigantic, or pacific. If you’ve seen one, you might want to see all the others

Fortuitously, Pakistan is blessed with some of the most marvellous waterfalls on Earth. These are such sights you need to feast your eyes on them. The striking and breath-taking Khamush Waterfall, Skardu Baltistan is located 120km away from the Skardu City, in the centre of Baghicha Valley District Kharmang. It’s among few highest waterfalls in the whole Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

The breath-taking natural beauty of Pakistan – Pak-occupied Kashmir

If you want to see the blessing of nature in Pakistan, instantly plan your trip to the northern areas. The first place you should make a visit to is Pak-occupied Kashmir that is also known as Heaven on earth.

On the map, Pak-occupied Kashmir looks a small belt of land, be that as it may, travelling from one place to another can be highly time-consuming due to mountainous terrain and unpaved roads. As you go deeper into Pak-occupied Kashmir, three things are there which strikes your mind, heart and eyes: The mind-blowing natural beauty; simplicity and loving nature of inhabitants and many tourist facilities. The luxuriant green lands, hilly valleys, alluring rivers, flourishing meadows and the picturesque spots make it one of the most divine regions of Pakistan.

The hypnotising vertical alpine-Trango Tower

The Trango tower is situated in the Baltoro Glacier region, in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory. It is the most remarkable vertical alpine climb in the whole world. It has captivated and enthused alpine climbers around the globe to achieve its nearly impossible climb to the top. In the surroundings of the enormous mountain ranges of the Karakorum, the Trango Tower stands straight with all the persistent pride and enormity of a Greek God. It is a hypnotic sight and an arduous climb as it is absolutely vertical and its sheer glory makes it stand out amidst the complete range of peaks that surround it.

Soon Valley- serene natural beauty

Soon Valley is a magnificent piece of serene natural beauty which includes striking lakes, springs, forests and many archaeological places. If you have only one day from your time plan, do visit in a scheduled way to explore this beautiful and appealing valley. There are many captivating sites for the tourists which include Uchali lake, Khabeki lake, Kanhatti Garden and Nurshing Pahar.

The highest mountain of the Soon Valley, is the Mount Sakesar, which is at 5,010 feet above sea level. It is the only peak in this part of the area which receives heavy snowfall in winters.

Lake Uchhali is the most gorgeous saltwater lake, with lifeless water where no aquatic life exists, in the southern Salt Range in the base of the Mount Sakaser. Lake Khabikki is one more saltwater lake in Soon Valley. It is one kilometre wide and two kilometres in length. These lakes attract thousands of seasonal birds each year as well as rare white-headed ducks from Central Asia. At that time, these lakes bids more colourful and splendid picturesque views to capture in your camera.

Isla Oliver

Isla Oliver is very fond of travel and loves to share her experiences. Currently she works for a company that specialises in sending cargo to Pakistan from UK. In her line of service, she has visited Pakistan several times.